What Is Digital Perm

Hairstylists usually call it a hot perm. It softens the hear and breaks down the bonds so it can be re-shaped.

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The digital perm also known as the spiral perm body wave perm and beach wave perm has been a staple of Asian beauty treatments for over ten years.

What is digital perm. The machine has a digital display which explains the digital part. In the process the stylist sections the hair and then applies a chemical that breaks down the structure of the hair. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before you take the plunge and sign up for this special kind of perm.

Digital perm is simply perm solution heat The digital in the name actually refers to the hot rods used in the process which are connected to a machine that regulates their temperature. If you have straight hair and have always wanted that natural wavy look. Digital perms and setting perms have a different process to create loose curls or tight curls – Matthew Kim Dusol Beauty Korean Senior Hairstylist The key difference for Korean perms such as the setting perm and digital perm is the use of heat.

Once these agents have set in hair is usually wrapped around curlers and heated to a temperature specific to the needs of the hair. Hair with body shine and waves that fall flatteringly around your face a digital perm is the way to go. The Digital Perm Process The first step in the process is applying a protector conditioner and solution.

But when hair is wet it looks straight looking so you need to dry your hair everytime. Digital perm is something like creates a curl by heat machine. The name digital perm is copyrighted by a Japanese company Paimore Co.

Now its the digital perms turn. Digital perm curl stay same shape even after dry and easy to style by yourself. If youve been going to perceive some extra twists in your beautiful hair on a regular base then the digital perms are definitely the direction to go to achieve beautiful beachy waves.

Its invented in Korea and the result is something like the curl are bigger than regular perm and bouncy curl. A digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display hence the name. The technique and perming product used affects the tightness and longevity of the curls.

What is the difference between a normal perm and a digital perm. Each perm creates a different shape and texture of curlwave. What does DIGITAL PERM mean.

What is a Digital Perm. Basically digital perms utilize heat theyre for those who want beach style waves instead of corkscrews theyre much more expensive and they last approximately a year instead of 6 months like other perms. While a normal perm typically requires only perm solution and curlers a digital perm pairs a different type of solution with heated curling rods connected to a machine that regulates the temperature.

So far this new procedure involving digitally controlled ceramic rods thermal waving techniques and a special hair. A digital perm is a type of perm said to achieve natural-looking results without excessively damaging hair. Digital perm is the way to go in a Seattle salon.

Digital perm gives you the option to transform straight hair into gorgeous wavy locks. As popularity grows in the US its becoming widely known as the perm creating beachy waves. Digital perming also known as a digi-perm or a hot perm is a procedure of permanently curling hair using a combination of chemical restructuring and heat.

The process generally involves the application of chemical agents to soften and relax the hair. DIGITAL PERM meaning – DIGITAL PERM definition – DIGITAL PERM expl. The process is otherwise similar to that of a traditional perm.

Digital perms provide you with the opportunity to convert your straight hair into impressive twisted links or curls. After the solution is rinsed off the hair is wound around the curling rods. If youve been dying to get some more waves in your life on a daily basis then this particular perm solution is definitely the way to go.

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